Culture VR - Across the Grooves

Across the Grooves


Alice’s life is turned upside down the day she receives a mysterious vinyl record sent by her ex.

Each time she listens to it, he takes her back in the past for a few hours that changes her present. She then decides to go in search of her former boyfriend to help her get her life back on track.

The interactive scenario makes it possible to choose some of her lines and actions, which open up multiple parallel realities and lead to several possible ends.

The elegance and originality of this video game is based on immersive music and an artistic direction inspired by comic books.

Credits : Nova-Box

Script : Geoffroy VINCENS

Illustrations : Nicolas FOUQUÉ

Development : Raphaël LE BOBINNEC and Daniel BORGES (Manufacture 43)

Sound design : Camille MARCOS and Julien PONSODA (Illustrason collective)




16 ans et plus