Culture VR - L.I.R. (Livre In Room)

L.I.R. (Livre In Room)


You are surrounded by books, displayed on shelves. Pick a book that arouses your curiosity and sit comfortably. Before your eyes, the book comes alive, in the shape of a virtual sequence, speaking out loud the chosen author’s works, inside a cosy and intimate booth.

L.I.R is a dream island offering the opportunity to escape the reality for a few minutes and to dive into the writers’ fantasies. The book as an object is at the heart of this device where only scanning its bar code triggers a visual and sound clip for a real immersion into literature.

With L.I.R., the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – CDN de Lyon, directed by Joris Mathieu together with the artistic team Haut et Court, defends a stage project between literature and visual arts. Their artistic approach is guided by a dramaturgy in which stage, visual and sound designs transmit meaning and emotions. The book selection has been edited by authors who were invited to imagine what their ideal library would be and is regularly enriched by new books.


Installation ou objet physique


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