Culture VR - La grande histoire du dessin sans fin

La grande histoire du dessin sans fin


It all begins in the spring of 2017 with a crazy idea from the young illustrator Elly Oldman: stuck in her bed following an accident, she sets out on Instagram to create an… endless drawing !

200 publications, 15 meters of drawing and 18 000 followers later, she imagines with the Electroni[k] association an interactive, giant and evolving fresco, to be discovered in drawings but also in augmented reality.

This graphic jungle, composed of hundreds of elements, invites the viewer to a contemplative exploration, against a backdrop of ecological and environmental considerations.

Art direction and graphic creation: Elly OLDMAN

Animation design: & Friends

Music: Benjamin LE BARON

Development : Artefacto

Accompanied and produced by Electroni[k], in co-production with The Cube, Stereolux and with the support of Artefacto.


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