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Le Livre infini


Digital books are  digital “machines”, like Kindle reader or iPad, where it is possible to read all scanned books. This reading device is quite poor in terms of sensitive experience and in terms of content creativity. The Livre Infini  is on the opposite direction of the current digital book. It is an object where readers find the materiality of the book, where the digitized books are visible on a real paper book. It is a book with blank pages, that reveals its content only when readers turn the pages.

The Livre Infini  is an innovative installation for broadcasting digital and multimedia content mixing text, images and videos “lying on paper”. It can also include real-time from Twitter and Instagram,  depending on the selected hashtags.  It  is called the Livre Infini  (Infinite Book) because, by programming and card-rfid-book, it is possible to load infinite content on the same book. As many cards, as many books!
The  Livre Infini demonstrates that digital experience can be sensitive: touching the paper, turning pages…


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