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Founded in 2001 and directed by Alexandre Hallier and Jérémy Pouilloux, La Générale de Production has produced around fifty television and cinema films since its creation. Specialising in fiction, documentaries and magazines, La Générale de Production has broadened its scope to publish general content for all media. It combines radical ambition with formal research in order to explore the world in a keen, inquisitive manner.

Politics, sport, economics and networks: the subjects it examines provide openings for more universal stories.

Among the company’s productions are the documentaries The President by Yves Jeuland, Bargaining with Life by Christophe Otzenberger and Stéphane Mercurio, Apple, the Tyranny of Cool and the interactive fiction Tantalum,in partnership with France Télévisions.

Convinced of the potential of new forms of writing, La Générale de Production sees the digital world as both a promising environment and a responsibility for a committed, demanding production company providing a better understanding of a new era whose main language is images.