La Souris Qui Raconte

La Souris Qui Raconte


La Souris Qui Raconte (LSQR) is an independent 100% digital publishing house through its website Since 2010, she has published unpublished digital albums, written by youth’s authors, destined for the 5-10 years. The illustrations are animated and interactive, the texts are read aloud and sound. The editorial team accounts for more than 60 talented contributors. For the technical part, the books have been developed in HTML5 since the end of 2016. Albums formerly in Flash are progressively converted to HTML5. In 2020 the entire catalog will be full HTML and compatible tablets at 100%. LSQR makes the assumed choice of streaming and fiber rather than the development of new applications whose economic model does not work. With a humanist and citizen editorial line, and a catalog of more than 50 titles in 4 collections (stories to read, play, invent and school stories), LSQR is a first-rate digital publisher, particularly attached to children for whom reading is not easy. For 5 years, LSQR has been an undisputed partner of libraries. Her unique and unprecedented youth resource offer makes her a major player in the face of digital and reading issues for all.




Address: 143 ter rue de Fleury

Telephone: 06 07 12 27 13

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